Dedicated Server

Dedicated Server Reseller

Dedicated server reseller, as the name suggest, a server which is purchased first and then it is resell. But this is not only these word means, it contains a lot but before this you must learn in brief about dedicated server…like what it is,its purpose etc..So have a look Dedicated server A dedicated server is […]

Managed dedicated server

Various types of dedicated severs are available and among all of them, we will going to learn about Managed dedicated server, but before that first see What is a dedicated server? “Dedicated server” indicate the server which is allocated to you only for hosting your website i.e. dedicated to the client website only to serve […]

Virtual dedicated server

A dedicated server is basically designed to serve the needs of the whole network which contain thousands of computer connected to each other and communicate with each other. In a network it is a single computer which is set aside to serve the need of the network. The term “Dedicated server” indicate the server which […]

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Cheap Wordpress Hosting

WordPress Hosting

WordPress brought the new term in the Hosting industry – Self Hosting. With the self hosted version WordPress 3.x, rich featured websites and blogs can be easily created. It is very easy to have a WordPress based website. Get a hosting from CPWebHosting, your domain will be auto-configured, from Fantastico in Cpanel, install WordPress, all […]

WordPress – Customized alternative better for bloggers

Why Users are looking for alternative to WordPress? People are using WordPress to create their own web sites and their own WordPress blogs from last several years and in the past they are very happy with its performance but now the time has changed they are not very much satisfied with it as earlier they […]

Move from Tumblr to Word Press

What is Tumblr? Before the Social networking sites, blogs were there but we have made efforts and due to this, concept of blogging becomes micro blogging. Thus, Tumblr is a micro blogging platform as well as a social networking website which allows its users to post multimedia content i.e. e-mail, audio, video, text, images, links, […]

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Cloud Hosting

Cloud server versus dedicated server

To see the difference between the two, first we will understand What is a Cloud Server? A cloud server is a virtual server which is a large pool of multiple servers which is built, hosted and delivered by cloud computing, thus a cloud can run multiple OS using the same resources. It is available to […]


eApps Hosting for PCI compliance

About eApps Hosting For businesses and organizations, this is a value-added provider of cloud hosting services which host over 15,000 domains in more than 125 countries and serve more than 5000 customers. This company offers a hosting service “Virtual Machine in the Cloud,” which allows accurate selection and modification of RAM, CPU, disk and other […]

windows and linux cloud hosting

Windows Cloud Hosting Vs Linux Cloud hosting

All about Windows Cloud Hosting Vs Linux Cloud hosting Now this article will deal with Windows Cloud Hosting Vs Linux Cloud hosting, but to understand the difference it would be wise to learn something about the two different Cloud hosting separately. Linux cloud hosting Linux cloud hosting is just perfect for business operations as it […]

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E-commerce Hosting


Cheap E-commerce Hosting providers

Cheap E commerce Web Hosting Providers 2013 [ws_table id="3"] How to find a Cheap E-commerce Hosting providers These day’s people have become very dependent on the internet. The internet has already become a very powerful tool as it helps people to complete important tasks within a very short period of time. Big and small companies […]

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