Wednesday, November 28, 2018

What happens when server goes down?

  • It takes hours even days for hardware replacement and data restoration requires technical expertise.
  • Creates agony and fear in customers of losing the data and programs.
Customer Expectation: If a server’s hardware fails, another should instantly be provisioned, with all the data already on it.

Perfect Solution for an issue: Go for Hosting Companies offering High Availability (HA) Servers. The servers are designed to work with existing applications, without a need for modifications. With HA Servers, there is no reason to hassle with data replication to a spare server, clustering databases, or configuring a failover solution. It saves cost also, as a customer do not need to pay for a redundant set of server hardware(cost saved for multiple servers, fail-over servers, and other supporting technology). Almost 100% uptime server availability achieved.

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